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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Success! and Here we go again...

Well, the trip to Florida was a success. Our little angel did so well on the plane ride there and back. When we landed back in DC on Tuesday and Kai woke up from sleeping the whole trip, he stood up and the woman behind us said, "wow, I didn't even know you had a baby up there, he didn't make a peep!" and I said, "I know, he's such a good baby!". I was a very proud mama.

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The baby LOVED the ocean, as I suspected he would! The swimming lessons are going to happen in the next month because this kid is the kind that will walk right into a swimming pool because he likes the water. I plan to make sure he knows what to do once he's in!


When we got home on Tuesday evening, I dropped the boy and the hubby off at home and headed to the store to get the "essentials" since they were calling for snow. As I walked out of the store I noticed that it had begun to snow and the parking lot was a shit show of people trying to get in. I was glad I got in and out when I did. It was tough going from this in the morning:

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To this by the following morning:

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What a rude, cold, awakening!

So, now it's Thursday and they are calling for a major storm here starting tomorrow morning. "Blizzard like conditions with accumulations ranging from 16 - 24 inches"...My trust of the weathermen, as you know, is not 100% so I'm still a little skeptical, however, I know I'm in the minority when I say, BRING IT ON!


I hope it snows so much that we don't have to go to work on Monday. My office already closed for tomorrow since it's supposed to start snowing in the late morning and they pretty much don't want to add to the mayhem of everyone in the city driving home at the same time causing a total grid lock, and I am very happy about it! I think it's smart and hey, who wouldn't? I get to stay home with my two favorite men, and pooch!

I'll let you know what happens here and our total accumulations once it's all over. How nice it would be to still be sitting on a beach in Florida, but I'm not, so I've decided to embrace winter. I don't really have a choice!!


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