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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Well, once again, it's been a while. So, let's see...what's been going on in the life of the mundane? Well,  you know, same ole, same ole. Trips to Home Depot and Bed Bath and Beyond. You know, getting crazy here in D.C.

Okay really, not too much going on here. I have decided that I am off facebook. If not forever, I am for sure taking a major hiatus. I can't say I was a major contributor to my facebook page as it was. I mainly would post pictures of the kids here and there but other than that I'm not a real status updater. I can't imagine anyone would really want to know that I'm at Costco, then Babies R Us and then the grocery store in a single day. I know, I know, everyone's dream outing but I can't make everyone jealous all in one fell swoop...

So anyway, I am more of a facebook grazer. I look at other people's posts. I comment, I "like" here and there. Well, after the Obama healthcare decision was announced the amount of ignorant comments put out there just threw me right over the edge. I prefer not to discuss my political views one way or the other and I am smart enough to know that it's just not appropriate to talk about with anyone, anywhere - even if you share the same views because people can get very passionate about it and I just don't care enough to get into one of those conversations. So, I found myself reading status updates that were so unbelievably ignorant, misinformed and just plain foolish. I felt myself starting to get worked up and annoyed and then I said to myself, "ummm...really? Am I going to let these dumb dumb's make me crazy or spend one iota of my time thinking about them and their opinions?" The answer was NO. So, no more facebook for me. Ahhh, I feel freer already!

Anyway, other than that, life is good. Heading to the beach with my family this weekend and can't wait to hit the sand, sun and surf with my boys! I'll be checking on all my favorite bloggers now...


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