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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


There are a couple of places that I just dread going. One is the cellular phone store. Have you ever noticed how the people that work there are like used car salesmen? They are so slimy and swarthy. I can't take it. And they're always trying to sucker you for more money, the more expensive phone, etc. Just give me what I came for and don't try to swindle me, Thanks!

Another place I can NOT stand going is the car dealership. And I'm not even talking about the sales department, which is, you salesmen. I'm talking about the service department where you take your car to get the oil changed and if you're really lucky, to get some other "service" done where they basically ass rape you and make you wait a few hours while they do it...

I am currently sitting in the service department waiting area at my car dealership as I type this. Oh lovely day. Thankfully my issue is under warranty so really the car dealership is just ass raping it's self this time, hooray for me! Oh thank heaven for technology because now they have free wifi here. So, not only am I bored to tears (figures today I have almost no work to do), I can write about it!

I want to know why no one has written the television show that takes place in the car dealership service department. I am writing it now as I sit here. I think I'll call it something really clever like, "Service" or "At Your Service". Here are the characters... You've got my service advisor, he looks and moves like a turtle. His name is Larry. He sits in a high cube right by the door and although he is the most socially awkward person on earth and obviously can't be bothered with mundane questions like, "Can I get my oil changed today?", he sits right inside the doors where every person comes in and has to speak to him. Call me crazy but shouldn't the receptionist be there? Or at the least, someone with an ounce of social graces able to say hello with a smile on their faces? OY.

Then you've got the middle aged, family man who loves to talk to everyone about anything. And his side kick, the 20-something young lady who likes to talk to middle aged guy and flirt, bat her eye lashes, etc all day long...GAG! There's the receptionist who is SO loud. I now know that she came back to work after her 3rd child, she lost some weight but has a lot left to lose and likes cranberries...hooray!

Okay, maybe this is just entertaining because I'm sitting here right now and it's the only thing keeping me sane. Scratch that idea. I guess this screen play/show idea won't go very far!

Hope everyone else is having a more interesting day than I am!


  • At 1:31 PM, December 18, 2010, Blogger Sassy said…

    You might be onto something here. You KNOW that someone is shagging the secretary or there is some torrid after hours love affair taking place in random back seats..or the grease monkey who using his tool in a completely other way....
    Wait..maybe I'm thinking more porno then reality. Perhaps they go hand in hand.


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