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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Before becoming a parent there were obviously lots of things that mattered almost not at all in my carefree, casual lifestyle. One of those things that I am thinking about tonight especially, that I am just realizing really pisses me off, is Daylight Savings Time. What a bunch of bull this is! I mean, back in the day, I don't care if I change the clocks, I just go to bed an hour early or later and then same thing in the morning. With a child, it doesn't work that way!

I am praying that this kid does not wake me up at 6am tomorrow. How do you have a logical conversation with a 1 year old about the importance of Mommy and Daddy's sleep and explain that he is going to have to adjust his internal clock so that he doesn't eff up the routine?

Once we get him back on track it will be right in time to "Spring Forward". Yipeee!


  • At 9:49 PM, November 08, 2010, Blogger Sassy said…

    Hahaha. So true. MY FB status was something to the effect of "whoever says you get an extra hour of sleep with daylight savings time, didn't have a toddler!!

    We tried to be proactive and let Mason have a longer nap. We were going to be out late so our fingers were crossed that he'd sleep a bit later. It worked a bit..but he was still up at 6:30 (new time)!! Ugh. That's not acceptable in my books so we cuddled in bed until 7. I hate the change...
    Good luck to you!


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