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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I am seriously going to be 300 pounds by the time winter ends around here...Eating, drinking, sitting in the house and absolutely no physical activity, unless you count falling down the steps in order to make more drinks, is going to really take it's toll. I guess I won't plan to wear a bathing suit this summer!

So all told we got anywhere from 24 - 30 inches of snow in places over the weekend. Now is the big dig out. It's been slow going because the snow is so heavy!! And when the plow did go by all it did was make a huge wall around all the cars. My husband has 36 inch tires on his Jeep and the snow wall was taller than that!! BUT, The hubby has been working non-stop to get us all cleaned up for....MORE SNOW!

Yes, it is supposed to snow again this afternoon and they're predicting, wait for it.....anywhere from 5 - 20 more inches of snow. HA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It's comical at this point. Everyone I talk to is tired of being in their homes and going stir crazy. I honestly don't mind it so much. The more it snows the longer I get to stay home with my two favorite boys and my pooch. No work, no obligations, no where that I have to be except right here in my nice, warm home! We have food, we have alcohol, we have formula and diapers. There's not much more we need! But at this point winter may never end. Damn Groundhog!

The only thing that worries me is that we seem to have a bit of a situation on our back porch. And no, I don't mean a fast talking, Italian guy with ab's. There is water dripping through the roof and along the window seams...The hubby is going to get up there and get some of the snow off so that the roof doesn't fall through but that doesn't make me feel any better either. I'm scared for him.

Here is a time lapse video that someone in my neighborhood shot while it snowed last Friday into Saturday. It's super cool, check it out:

AND - you're all going to love this. I don't know what the hell is wrong with me but, I fell down again this morning!!! This time I stepped on to the front porch WITH THE BABY IN MY ARMS and that water that I thought was on the porch was, in actuality, a sheet of ICE!!! I really am truly an idiot.

I was never quite good at the splits when I was in gymnastics as a youth but let me tell you, I did a pretty good splits today! And guess what...that shit hurts! I now have a very bruised and bloody ankle, a very sore groin and a very bruised inner thigh. But, I held onto the baby. Don't ask me how. I guess it's a Mom thing.

I am now on house probation. I am not allowed out unless someone else is holding the baby and I am accompanied by a stable adult. I think I'm fine with that...


  • At 1:45 PM, February 09, 2010, Blogger DanjerusKurves said…

    I think we might also need to get you a walker with snow treads! I'm with you on the housebound weight gain although mine is due to being unemployed and stranded in Idaho.

  • At 1:40 PM, February 11, 2010, Blogger Oh great One said…

    OH SWEET SASSY MOLASSY! You be careful! I've seen the news coverage of your storms. I'm glad to hear you are ok.

  • At 8:30 PM, February 11, 2010, Blogger Sassy said…

    Jesus. H. Christ. Stay inside.
    Love the video. It looks like some freaky science video. It also looks like a Canadian winter, yet we've been remarkably pretty green in most parts this year...I guess we know where all the snow went!
    As a total aside, if that snow were here, nothing would be closed. Maybe the school buses canceled and if we were lucky maybe school for one day. *sigh* I don't think we'll ever get a few days off in a row for snow :(

  • At 10:48 AM, February 16, 2010, Blogger Andi said…

    My mom did a similar acrobatic feat when I was a baby, and she held on! I guess it must be a mom thing. We had a foot of snow in Dallas, and boy, you'd think it was the apocalypse!

  • At 11:33 PM, February 17, 2010, Blogger Chick said…

    Damn snow! Those unexpected splits hurt so much.

  • At 1:11 PM, February 24, 2010, Blogger Cold Hands said…

    Dude where are you????


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