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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Okay, who knew taking care of a child all day meant less time for blogging and reading other people's posts? Obviously not I!

We have been busy little bees, taking advantage of our summer so far and enjoying every minute of every day together. We went to Florida in the beginning of May with my parents and then Daddy came and joined us later in the week (someone has to work in this family!). A few weeks ago we went to visit my best friend in Virginia Beach for a few days. We've been to the zoo with friends and our little man has celebrated a 1st Birthday!! I for one, can not believe it. Where has the time gone? It seems like yesterday this little monster came into our lives. A little helpless baby. Now he's a toddler and full of energy and personality. He's an amazing little guy and he makes me laugh constantly.

Anyway, I am, understandably, not missing work. As busy as we are and as hard as it is to take care of a child every hour of every day it's a million times better than sitting in as office and missing all of the milestones. We're enjoying every minute of it!

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Our home renovation is almost a joke at this point. We're in the process of firing our current builder and interviewing new one's in the hopes of one day getting this damn project off the ground. We'll see what happens. My hair might be gray by the time this whole process is over but whatever...

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And now, I'm going to neglect my child to go read some of your blogs. Hopefully the dog can watch him for a little while. They get along well so I should be good for a little while.


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